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Listen to the SEC

THE mission of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is “to strengthen the corporate and capital-market infrastructure of the Philippines, and to maintain a regulatory system, based on international best standards and practices, that promotes the interests of investors in a free, fair and competitive business environment.”

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Online petition vs Canada’s trash

A PETITION to return 50 40-foot container vans full of used adult diapers and household waste, instead of scrap plastic materials meant for recycling, to Canada is making the rounds in cyberspace for a second time. The petitioners—now numbering 22,412 and organizing themselves under, which specializes in social-media rants against erring individuals and companies—are at their wits’ end in trying to understand why the Embassy of Canada in Manila has remained firm in its resolve not to touch the containers, despite acknowledging the problem they pose.

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Unlike here

I’LL keep this short and sad: The daughter of a crew mem­ber of the South Korean ferry that sank with hundreds of school children still strapped to their seats killed herself.

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