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Riesling rocks

I had never met a spätlese (a “late-picked” Riesling) I didn’t like. And so I accepted the invitation to lunch because Riesling was on the menu and Ernst Loosen, one of its most celebrated producers, would be at the table. I spotted Mr. Loosen first, before Brett Tolhurst, big boss at Wine Warehouse, importer and distributor of Mr. Loosen’s wines. 

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Rush and relaxation at Tibiao

A MAJOR destination on our six-day Antique Heritage and Media Familiarization Tour was the quiet town of Tibiao. Our tour host, Flord Nicson J. Calawag, manager of Katahum Tours and owner of the unique and much talked-about Tibiao Fish Spa, calls this town home. Relatively unknown until a few years ago, its relative proximity to the famous Boracay (just a two-hour drive away) has made it an alternative eco-friendly destination for tourists who crave for an adrenaline rush, local immersion, and quiet and unique relaxation.

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Huawei takes aim at tablet market

After making a bit of a splash late last year with the local launch of its then-flagship smartphone, the slim and sexy Ascend P6, global ICT solutions provider Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is taking aim at the market of tablet PCs. Which is just as well.

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