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Almario sisters bring innovative living to life

A TRUE urban bachelor is someone who lives and breathes class, dresses in tailored fashion, and exudes nothing but elegant flair—something that goes even for his choice of abode.

For the kind of man who appreciates refined tastes, a studio unit in The Stratford Residences will definitely do him justice. With its model unit, designed exclusively by leisure industry designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario, multi-faceted and driven men can now unwind in a modern enclave that features chrome and black glass fixtures with stylish avant-garde furnishings inspired by world-famous designer Philippe Starck—a design concept that gives it a crisp, clean and masculine designer-caliber feel.

With well-lit spaces that feature neutral hints of steel gray, slate and white, the pad’s premium fixtures, structured proportions and minimalistic design elements convey a functional yet contemporary space befitting an individual who thrives in a dynamic atmosphere of superior luxury and polished ambience.

Fully understanding the notion that in the world of luxury, only the finest designs make the cut are the Almario sisters, who, for years, have delivered the best design solutions for a roster of highly esteemed clients, both local and abroad, including designer Philippe Rodriguez, many of the Aboitizes, the Ayala Group, restaurants like Café 1771 in Ortigas, high-end residential areas North and South Forbes Parks in Makati and Tierra Pura in Quezon City, to name a few. The sisters have given interiors of high-end residences, hotels, restaurants and offices of industry titans their own sophisticated touch, utilizing their mastery of a wide array of design trends, catapulting them to the forefront of commercial design.

In this latest project, their eye for aesthetics helped define living spaces nestled within the country’s most premier business district, Makati, in a development that can only be described as iconic and worthy of towering regard—The Stratford Residences.

Transcending today’s living ideal has always been a big challenge for real-estate developers. Because today’s modern pleasure-seeking urbanite deserves only the best in luxury and elegance combined with the ease of integrated living, Picar Development Inc., an emerging real-estate development company, commissioned the Almario sisters, through their interior design studio Atelier Almario, to design model units for The Stratford Residences, a real-estate landmark that will become the tallest residential building in the entire country.

“It was the one project where we are doing all the modeling, so that’s something we’re really excited about,” shared Cynthia. “Plus, it’s supposed to be the tallest so we’re thrilled to work on an iconic landmark such as this.”

With complete Wi-Fi and 12 value-added services provided by Cisco Systems Inc., the leading information technology and communications service provider, The Stratford Residences will boast of specially designed security control systems, as well as energy, ventilation and communication technology features, making it the country’s tallest intelligent residential tower as well.

Today’s urban market looks into whether a property is the best investment or not, and often they do this by weighing the features offered, the convenience and the personality of the space. “We specifically had the units designed to merge functionality with stunning aesthetics, while complementing the technologically advanced features the development takes pride in having,” said Ivy.

The Almario team’s insights on the convenience of advanced technology and the luxurious ease of a five-star hotel were made more tangible through the showroom’s design, giving future residents a peek of what to expect from The Stratford Residences’ iconic brand of real-estate innovation. Ivy and Cynthia’s team was given the task of designing the model units with the end-view of reflecting the company’s vision to build a residential ideal designed exclusively to address the urban lifestyle of the new modern elite.

“In this endeavor, we had to showcase three different looks, each for a corresponding unit cut—which is nice because we were able to test our ability, our design and our concepts. We had to come up with a concept for each unit and present what we think will best entice the target for the kinds of rooms the development offers,” explained Cynthia.

Apart from the stylish bachelor studio, the sisters also designed the two-bedroom model which showcases a soothing London vibe. The Almarios had it designed with the global Filipino family in mind, saying that their inspiration was modern and a little transitional. On the other hand, the one-bedroom is more for the hip and glamorous women of the city. “We put there a space that resembles a home office, because we were very aware of how mixing function with comfort greatly complements the sophisticated lifestyle of the dynamic woman,” Cynthia added.

Meanwhile, Danilo Jugno, Picar general manager, added that aside from having units that feature elegant aesthetics, The Stratford Residences will also have a diverse selection of amenities master-planned for answering the lifestyle needs of future residents and their guests.

“Our mix of amenities will definitely cater to any requirement of the modern elite, giving them spaces for maximum recreational leisure and comfort,” shared Jugno. “Our thoughtfully designed amenities include adult and kiddie pools, a day-care center, a meditation garden, a music library, a mini theatre, lanai areas, and an upscale restaurant at the roof deck where one can dine in style while basking in panoramic views of the Makati skyline.”

What Stratford offers is something more than the prestige of living in the tallest residential building in the entire archipelago—rather it is a complete residential ideal that complements the living standards of urban denizens in the city’s vibrant locale. The design aesthetics creatively handled by the Almario sisters, coupled with technologically advanced functional features and top-grade amenities, truly make The Stratford Residences the high-end residential development that will cement Picar’s footprint in the ever-evolving globally competitive real-estate landscape.





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