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A well-crafted life

AN artist looks at a slab of marble, and, within it, sees a sculpture. Vista Land looks at a tract of land, and, within it, recognizes a city like no other. As Vista Land builds a place where life and beauty flourish side by side, it invites you to complete with it its future masterpiece of city development.  

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A look into the ‘current’ state of real-estate brands

SUCCESSFUL real-estate brands that have been dominating the market for years are actual fruits of countless hours of hard work and creativity. They can also have luck and favorable circumstances to thank for their success. These are brands that have failed a number of times, but drew inspiration from the lessons of their past to move on, calibrate their strategies, understand the behaviors of their markets and eventually reap and sustain good business for the long-term.

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Century Properties to complete additional buildings

SHIFTING into high gear, Century Properties Group Inc. is projected to turn over a total of 16 buildings from across its portfolio of luxury, middle-income and affordable residential condominiums, as well as retail and medical office developments, up to 2017.

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