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Like a boss

THE ninth-generation Honda Accord claims the distinction of being the passenger car with the highest sales to individual customers (excluding fleet sales) in the US in 2013, having sold a little over 360,000 units in the world’s second-largest car market. In other words, Americans bought an average of 1,000 Accords every single day of 2013. Indeed, the Accord’s track record of outstanding build quality, reliability and high resale value has consistently made it a formidable player in the markets it is sold in.

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Hooray for Henry!

THIS is not a McDonald’s commercial. Neither is it a term referring to an arrogant loud British man with his affluent upbringing. Nor is it lauding the American founder of another competing car brand.

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Vios Cup 3 at McKinley–Sugata-san

TOYOTA Motor Philippines (TMP) celebrated its 26th year with the usual big bang on August 19, and the motoring journalists present were treated to another grand party before being pleasantly surprised with the news that the third and final Vios Cup race will be held at BGC’s McKinley in Taguig.

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