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Born to Run

FOUR-TIME NBA Most Valuable Player LeBron James stands 6 feet and 8 inches but his wingspan of 7 feet is long even for someone his size. Swimmer Michael Phelps, the most bemedaled athlete in Olympics history, has a long torso, short legs, and large hands and feet, which all contribute to his speed in the water. Meanwhile, in Kenya’s Rift Valley, a young boy will likely follow in the footsteps of eight members of the tribe who hold records for being among the world’s 10 fastest marathoners.

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A Master selfie

YES. You read it right—a “selfie” and a master at that. This writer is referring to the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year back in 2013—Time magazine’s branding of our very own Makati City as the “Selfie Capital of the World” when you take pictures, it’s that small screen button at the top right portion of your Apple iPhone.

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STV’s latest babe: Motorists’ interest upheld

WITH vehicles selling like hot cakes since January, thus already breaking existing all-time records, expect more people to buy cars in the next few weeks—if not days.

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