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Face-to-face with a rare bleeding disorder

TURNING her ordeal to an advocacy to alleviate the plight of female patients. I had always thought that it was “normal” for girls and women to bleed heavily during their monthly periods.  After all, I grew up seeing the chamber pot (arinola) in my parents’ room filled with red liquid on the weeks that my mom had.

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Hemophilia: Not-so-royal disease

CURSED  was how people from her hometown of Tanjay in Negros Oriental, thought of Rita Rodriguez.  Four of her five boys died in a span of two decades under strange circumstances—one hit his head while playing, another fell off the tricycle.

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Raising a child with von Willebrand Disease

RAISING a child with a special condition—whether hemophilia or something else—poses a different set of challenges.  Add to that living in a country like the Philippines where public health care is lacking in so many ways. Difficult would be an understatement and even if you’re a tough cookie, there will always be days when you wish there is a school to prepare for the task.

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