Thursday, May 5th 2016

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Lest it be forgotten amid the country’s preoccupation with the coming elections, the issue of the Philippines becoming a “destination” of dirty money persists, and continues to put the country at risk of being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) against money laundering. A respected banking and finance...

When I Was 25


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BEIRUT—Volunteers in opposition-held areas of Syria are forced to improvise as they carry out one of the world’s most dangerous tasks: dismantling cluster munitions, land mines and explosive booby traps as they work to make battle-torn areas safe for civilians to return. The result has been tragic. Booby traps laid...


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CANNED-food maker Century Pacific Food Inc. said its income rose 45 percent during the first quarter of the year to P636 million, partly due to strong demand for its branded canned goods and the consolidation of the Po family’s coconut-water business into the company. The maker of Century Tuna and...



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By Rob Harris / The Associated Press LEICESTER, England—There are certain pitfalls to being a club’s first title-winning side. Leicester City’s once-unheralded players discovered on Tuesday that going for a pizza is no longer so easy once you’re a Premier League champion. Once word spread the squad was celebrating at an...


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WITH that stretch of white-sand heaven called Boracay still top-of-mind among tourists both local and foreign, it’s no surprise the name has been appropriated by companies to market everything from rhums to restaurants. One of the country’s leading group of resort developers is going in the opposite direction. Henann Group of...


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LIONS, the so-called kings of the jungle, express their dominance through roaring. When they start to open their mouths and unleash that powerful deafening sound, all fall silent. Similarly, when the 2016 Isuzu Truck Fest was staged at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC)—the so-called Kings...


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NOWADAYS, if you are a new businessperson, finding a respectable office space is like a walk in the park, so to speak. With the entry of companies, like CEO Suite, entrepreneurs and start-ups will not have to worry on challenges, such as cost per square meters and lease, among others. In...


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MINNEAPOLIS—For many young adults, easy-to-use applications on smartphones and tablets are a popular gateway to investing. Historically, there have been two major roadblocks to starting out with investments: The amount of time it takes to create a smart, safe portfolio and the cost to do it. Companies, like Digit, Acorns...

Envoys & Expats

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KOREAN Steve Kim got married inside a hot-air balloon back in 1992. That single moment in his life captured perfectly the man and his passion. Last year Kim, who has been a resident of the Philippines for the past 25 years, established the Asian Hot Air Balloon Federation.  It has its...

Executive Views

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By Roger Pe | Special to the BusinessMirror Imagine a billboard on Edsa. It may seem harmless, but on closer look, you see a different version of what was originally approved for display. In the aftermath, the netizens start bashing it. The trigger-happy kind join the fray and all-knowing people...


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By Rizza Edu / Special to the BusinessMirror ‘TRY to imagine the world or look at the world from the sea, not from the land.” Japanese artist Terue Yamauchi brought her years-long exploration of maritime culture, Human Seascape, to the Bulwagan ng Dangal in the University of the Philippines Diliman, where...

Our Time

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MOST Filipinos are young, but the segment of older people is slowly growing and they need to be taken cared of, health experts say. “We still have a young population today. But comparing from previous years, we have a growing aging population,” Nestlé Health Science (NHS) Medical and Scientific Affairs...


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CATHOLIC bishops paid tribute to Bishop Julio Xavier Labayen, OCD, who for many years served the cause of the poor. Labayen, 89, passed away at 6:52 a.m. on Wednesday at a hospital in Manila, where he was confined. Caceres Archbishop Rolando Tria Tirona said Labayen offered his 60 years of priestly...


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HAVE you ever seen a dolphin or a whale while cruising? If you have by chance, consider yourself lucky.  These marine mammals are rarely seen nowadays, as their global population has decreased dramatically, mainly because of habitat destruction, pollution, hunting and bycatch, or accidental catching. While whales are traditionally hunted for food and...


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Brine spills from oil development in western North Dakota are releasing toxins into soils and waterways, sometimes at levels exceeding federal water quality standards, scientists reported on Wednesday. Samples taken from surface waters affected by waste spills in recent years in the state’s Bakken oil-field region turned up high levels...


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  A BPO worker in his early 30s had fever for days but decided to ignore it and attended to his work and usual things. But around the seventh day of fever, he had stomachache and nausea, prompting him to seek medication at a private hospital in Makati. He was not...


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THERE were many opportunities for Milen and me to huddle, ask questions, compare notes or seek counsel and assistance on both professional and personal matters. We were both members of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines, International PR Association (Ipra), International Association of Business Communicators, Tuesday Club, Thursday Club and Friday Club....


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Story & photos by Lily C. Fen What can one expect from a tiny nation whose wealth has rested on the largest oil fields in Southeast Asia? A state socially pacified by Islam, the wide streets of Brunei remained mostly sedate, with the people’s passions revolving around food, shopping and clandestine...


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Less than a month ago I wrote that “The only question that matters is; are you ready for a 15-percent move in either direction?” Over this past weekend at Money Summit 2016, I was asked: “Has the seven-year Philippine Stock Exchange ‘bull market’ come to an end?” The first...
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