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Saturday, May 28th 2016

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LOCAL businesses were found to be more optimistic of the country’s economic prospects, despite the uncertainty brought about by the change in the seat of power in the Philippines. The latest results of the Central Bank’s quarterly Business Expectations Survey (BES) showed business outlook on the economy was more bullish...

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ISE, Japan—Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged fellow leaders of the Group of Seven (G-7) advanced economies to unite on Thursday in forging a more urgent, coordinated response to the faltering global recovery. Abe and his counterparts sat down at a big round table for the first of their summit...


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CONGLOMERATE Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) on Friday expanded its power assets by acquiring a controlling stake in GT Capital Holdings Inc.’s Global Business Power Corp., a company with power assets in the Visayas and parts of Luzon. MPIC and GT Capital made a series of transactions, which essentially was...



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By Janie McCauley / The Associated Press OAKLAND, California—Stephen Curry scored 31 points, raising his arms in the early moments to awaken Golden State’s raucous crowd, as the defending champion Warriors staved off elimination with a 120-111 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night in Game Five of...


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THE delicate nuggets of fish seemed to float on a whiskey-colored sea. Crisp-tender on silky smooth. I mopped up the last of the heavenly broth with bits of bread so that not a drop escaped. Stupendous. And that was just the first course. I sensed a collective “wow!” from...


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Story & photos by Randy S. Peregrino JUST like the name derivation, the Volkswagen Touareg also conveys that nomadic-like character to surpass anyone’s expectation from a luxury sport-utility vehicle (SUV). Sharing the same platform with the Porsche Cayenne and the stretched Audi Q7, it may very well possess the elements of...


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ALL EYES are on Davao City. As the largest city in the Philippines, it is the fourth most populated, standing tall as the top economic and financial hub in Mindanao. Hailed as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Davao City is the only Philippine entity among the...


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By Angelica Faye Tolosa THERE are printers and there’s the HP Deskjet GT 5280, which can print remotely using a smart device. And not all printers can print directly from a mobile phone. I tried using my friend’s iPhone 5, and I was surprised how quickly the Deskjet GT 5280...

Envoys & Expats

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DIPLOMATIC Society of Saint Gabriel Secretary-General Ramon Jose Moreno Jr. fondly remembers the day his father told him a valuable lesson in life. Moreno said that, growing up, his father has instilled in him that he should never envy the rich at any point in his life. “Be satisfied with what you...

Executive Views

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By Roger Pe | Special to the BusinessMirror Imagine a billboard on Edsa. It may seem harmless, but on closer look, you see a different version of what was originally approved for display. In the aftermath, the netizens start bashing it. The trigger-happy kind join the fray and all-knowing people...


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TO build a more world-class and competent labor force in the Philippines, AMA Education System is pioneering a full online-education program in the country to equip Filipinos with the right skills needed in a highly complex workplace brought about by today’s information and technological advancements. AMA Online Education (AMA OEd)...

Our Time

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By Ayako Mie | Japan Times, Tokyo (TNS) JAPANESE and South Korean officials on Tuesday reaffirmed their commitment to setting up a ¥1-billion fund to assist former “comfort women.” The girls and young women forced to work in wartime Imperial military brothels are now elderly and in dwindling numbers. Kimihiro Ishikane,...


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OBANDO, Bulacan—Concerned with the preservation of traditions in a fast-paced world, a Catholic bishop underlined their importance within the Church, especially those connected to the Holy Eucharist. “I am very pleased those who still observe traditional Eucharistic adoration, just like the making of the sign of the cross when...


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First of two parts SCIENTISTS from government agencies and the private sector are scheduled to hold next week an interagency oceanographic exploration in the Benham Rise Region (BRR)—the country’s newest territory 250 kilometers off Aurora and Isabela provinces—in order to further explore the Benham Bank, and discover its secrets. Experts and other...


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SAN JOSE, Costa Rica—As the Global South works to overcome a history of weak institutions, armed conflict and poverty-driven forced exodus, which are key causes of its humanitarian crises, developing countries now have to also fight to keep global warming from compounding their problems. “Disaster risk reduction and climate-change adaption...


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The scene was like from CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) TV show, where slides of dead bodies were shown to the audience and discussions on forensics were held. But no, it was from the third Forensic Science Symposium held at the Seameo Innotech in Diliman, Quezon City. The occasion was...


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TO be a compleat and successful public relations (PR) professional, it is important—in fact, essential—that one knows at least basic economics, both on a macroscale and microscale. On the macro side, one must be familiar with accepted economic principles, such as the law of supply and demand, investment and development;...


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Ifell in love with Davao the first time I set foot on this paradise island sometime in 1987. It was my first out-of-town assignment as a newbie journalist for the No. 1 women’s magazine at that time, MOD. That was also my first taste of five-star hotel life by staying at...


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In the interest of furthering “financial literacy” and a greater understanding of the financial and hard-asset markets, here is today’s question. Which of the following is true: “High asset prices are the result and reflection of economic prosperity” or “Economic prosperity is the result and reflection of high asset prices”?...
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